Will COVID Screening Kiosks Still Be Useful After the Pandemic?

Will COVID Screening Kiosks Still Be Useful After the Pandemic?

Temperature kiosks are having a major moment as businesses turn to them as a precautionary measure during the pandemic. Right now, these kiosks add an extra layer of protection in public places to keep customers, visitors, and employees safe. But what happens when the pandemic is “over” and life goes back to normal? 

Here are our top predictions and suggestions:

Screen for Flu and Other Illnesses

A vaccine for COVID is still a long time coming. But even if it were available today, there’s still the issue that not everyone would get it. We already face this issue with the flu. Each year, there’s a new vaccine, and many people skip it.

Temperature kiosks can continue to screen for the flu and other illnesses that have a fever as a symptom. Companies can use it to screen employees for flu like symptoms in an effort to keep it from spreading through the workplace. This could be a financial game changer, as the flu costs employers roughly $10.4 billion each year and up to 111 million missed work days.

Automated Access Control and Time Clocking

Our temperature kiosk scanners are built with RFID technology and facial recognition, both of which can serve security purposes. These features can be used with or without the temperature control feature. Use cases could be to offer access to facilities and contactless time clocking, both of which provide an extra layer of data and security. 

With our integrated features, entryways and access points can be monitored and controlled through facial recognition entry access. Previous technology required individuals to scan their hand or finger to gain access, however in a COVID world we are heavily relying on contactless or handsfree technology.

RapidScreen thermal scanner is a convenient and user friendly device for person identification without a password or card. Using the identification and verification features businesses can enable our payroll integration to seamlessly track employees time. Employees just look at camera and the system will recognize the face in less than a second.

Facial recognition is a simple yet effective solution for employee time and attendance tracking based on accurate biometric face recognition software.

Bottom Line: Temperature Kiosks Will Continue Evolving to Serve a Purpose

Moving forward, temperature kiosks aren’t destined to become another heavy paperweight in your equipment room. Rather, they’re poised to be much like the travel changes after 9/11 — 20 years later, we’re still taking off our shoes at the TSA checkpoint. COVID will likely have a lasting impact on how we navigate daily life, and kiosks will still play a role in this.

Since contactless temperature scanning devices are still very new to the industry there is no telling where it will go! With constant updates and new technology these devices have yet to hit their full potential. Just like the first Apple iPhone smartphone, with every new version we can expect improvements and enhancements to better the technology and usability.

Say Yes to Thermal Scanning Kiosks 

Moving forward, we can continue to see a rise in the need for this technology, even after the Pandemic. RapidScreen temperature kiosks are going to become essential to steer clear from another potential pandemic as well as preventative measures for other illnesses such as the flu or common cold.

As more companies bring these devices into the organization, there will continue to be uses that haven’t yet been imagined. Businesses will continue to adapt to the latest technology to safely manage their location and employees without further liabilities. 

We look forward to the advances in technology we can expect from this booming industry.

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