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Put your prospects in the driver’s seat with interactive digital signage

Today most dealerships have a combination of print signage and passive video content to showcase their vehicles. There will always be a place for this type of content but perhaps there is an even greater way to create a more visceral car buying experience on the showroom floor? We are talking about taking static content and making it fully interactive so your prospects can engage with content prior to meeting with a sales rep.

Imagine a car buying experience that begins with a prospect walking into your showroom and being able to engage with a visually captivating touch screen experience that showcases your fleet of vehicles and more importantly, promotes your brand and service. This is especially useful when your showroom gets busy or perhaps prospects want to gather information prior to being engaged by a sales rep. You simply cannot go wrong by introducing interactive digital signage at your automotive dealership.

Interactive Digital Signage Solutions for your Dealership

Touch Software

Engage prospects, showcase vehicles, generate leads

Turn your showroom into a hot spot of engagement for interested car buyers. Ditch the print brochures and utilize touch presentation software with immersive vehicle content to serve as an enjoyable sales pitch that your customers will love interacting with.

Touch Table

Attract buyers and differentiate your brand

Rather than having guests wait around a coffee table and read expired magazines, capture the attention of your prospects with the Mozayo Interactive Multi-touch Table. Touch tables are a new and exciting way of showcasing interactive content with infinite possibilities.

Touch Displays and Video Walls

Perfectly connect prospects and vehicles

Give your prospects a larger than life interactive experience unlike any other dealership with large format touch monitors and interactive video walls. Through a user-driven touch screen experience, prospects can navigate the way to the car of their dreams.

Turnkey Solutions

Fully customized dealership showroom experiences

spinTouch can transform your dealership into a fully immersive digital experience by taking a holistic approach to content, software, and hardware. We can help separate your brand from the pack with bleeding each technology such as augmented reality, VR, object recognition, and much more.

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