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  1. What is the lead time?

    We keep these devices in stock, so you can expect to receive your device within roughly one week after placing an order (depending on quantity of order, your delivery location etc) please contact your sales representative for more information.

  2. Can I use my own freight company or FedEx/UPS account?

    Yes, however you will need to provide the full details in advance.

  3. Where is the product being shipped from? Is local delivery available in California?

    Our main central warehouse is located in Irvine, California. At this time we do not have local pickup available.

  4. What does it take to purchase a RapidScreen?

    In general you will need to purchase the device in full before we ship it out, please speak to our sales team for more information.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept the following forms of payment; Credit Cards, Debit Card, Check, Cashiers Check, POs, Bank Wire, and ACH.

  6. Do you offer any discounts for University/Government/Nonprofit?

    Yes, please contact our sales team for more details.

  7. Do you offer discounts for quantity orders?

    Yes, please contact our sales team for more details.

  8. We are interested in carrying RapidScreen in our product offerings, do you offer reseller or distribution pricing?

    Yes, we offer referral, reseller and distributor tier pricing. We are actively looking for strategic partners, please contact us for more information.

  1. How does it work?

    The RapidScreen Thermometer uses an advanced thermal image sensor with 32x32 thermal resolution (4 times greater than many sensors on the market) to detect users as they approach the kiosk. After 1 to 2 seconds, the kiosk reads out the users real time body temperature, and will alert if someone has a fever.

  2. Why is RapidScreen considered best in class as a temperature kiosk?

    There are a number of points that put the RapidScreen thermometer as one of the leaders in the industry, here are a few of those:

    • - Unique and premium polished design

    • - Highest temperature accuracy at 0.54 Fahrenheit variance

    • - Advanced facial recognition through utilization of AWS Rekognition

    • - All stands made in the US

    • - IP 54 Rating

    • - Intuitive backend user interface allows for quick changes to settings

    • - The most natural voice prompts

    • - Ability to customize features for large orders

    • - Large network of national service providers to assist with integrations

    • - Remote management and monitoring through an account on rapidscreen.us which runs on AWS

  3. Does RapidScreen need a separate computer/laptop system to adjust the backend settings?

    Many devices on the market that are Linux based will require another device like a laptop or PC to adjust even the most basic settings. Since RapidScreen is Android based, the settings can be adjusted directly from the device within a matter of seconds. It also allows remote access (additional service) and remote monitoring to adjust settings with additional dashboard software.

  4. What does the RapidScreen Temperature Screening Kiosk include in the box?

    • - RapidScreen Temperature System

    • - Base cables (USB, RJ45, Relay, Power)

    • - Modular floor stand with non-slip base

    • - Getting started card

    • - Floor placement tape

    Review our brochure for the latest details on our stand dimensions and options.

  5. What makes this temperature reading tablet better than its competitors?

    Everything on this device has been custom built for the specific use case of taking guest temperatures quickly and efficiently all while remaining contactless. The device is equipped with the latest 3D camera sensor to help determine a guests distance from the screen, as well as both IR blasters and LED light illuminators to highlight the subject and provide a visible pass/fail indication. An important point is that both the app running on the device and the webapp at rapidscreen.us have been custom designed by us from the ground up to make this process as smooth as possible.

  6. How long does it take to detect a person’s temperature?

    Temperatures are detected on average between 1 and 2 seconds from the moment the person steps in front of the device..

  7. At what distance will it detect someone’s temperature?

    Temperature can be read from approximately 2 to 3 feet from the kiosk.

  8. Does RapidScreen detect body temperature or skin temperature?

    RapidScreen reads the skin temperature of the region of an individual's forehead which has a direct correlation to the temporal artery. The temporal artery's frontal branch contains blood vessels that run across the forehead just below the skin and when the body’s core temperature increases, the forehead surface temperature increases.

  9. Can the temperature threshold be adjusted?

    The threshold is set to alert users that they likely have a temperature exceeding 37.7°C/99.9°F, which is slightly under the recommended reading by CDC indicating a fever. The user is able to adjust the specific parameters of the temperature the alert is triggered.

  10. Does the device require calibration?

    After the device is assembled you should verify that it is reading normal body temperatures at 98.6F by using a hand scanner to compare results, the device has been calibrated before being shipped out and can accurately read temperatures between 82.4 F and 109.4F. If needed you can tweak the calibration using the compensation temperature to account for hotter/colder environments by offsetting the temperature results +/- a few degrees (and even set different values for different times of the day).

  11. Can the alert volume be configured?

    Yes, however only an admin that has either direct or remote access to the kiosk can modify the volume controls.

  12. Can it recognize a registered employee with a mask?

    Yes, as long as the mask does not obscure the entire face. It is also best to avoid masks that have faces drawn on them. When registering someone for facial recognition, always take the reference photo of them WITHOUT a mask on (even if they will be wearing masks for temperature scans) as this will give the system as much data as possible for best accuracy.

  13. What is the accuracy of the sensor?

    RapidScreen is one of the most accurate sensors on the market with a tolerance of up to +/- 0.3 Celsius or +/- 0.54 Fahrenheit. This exceeds the FDA specifications of ± 0.9 °F required for thermographic devices.

  14. What kind of thermal sensor is embedded and where is this produced?

    SpinTouch uses the world’s leading sensor technology from Germany and Belgium to provide the latest in infrared thermopile array tech. All sensors have tested to either meet or exceed our accuracy tolerance and rigorous QA and benchmark testing. The accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit) is provided by our component manufacturer. The RapidScreen features a Heimann Sensor 32x32 pixel thermopile infrared array. This produces a thermal scan of significantly higher resolution and quality than many other thermal sensors on the market and thus provides greater accuracy.

  15. Can you speak on the quality assurance testing of the product before it leaves the factory?

    Each unit is turned on and manually QA tested multiple times based on the temperature alert thresholds prior to being packaged. If it fails any time, it will be pulled from the inventory and will not be shipped out. The quality and performance of the product is very important to us in order to assure our clients have the smoothest and most reliable experience with our product.

  16. What is the current failure rate of RapidScreen?

    Our current failure rate based on the current shipments is less than 0.4%, which is well below industry average. We attribute this due to RapidScreen being completely solid state and having no moving parts.

  17. How many people can it detect at one time?

    One person at a time. The system’s AI facial detection software is designed to look for the closest person within its sensor range.

  18. Is the unit able to detect people at different heights?

    Yes, the mount on the unit will allow for adjustment of the tilt angle but the sensor and the tablet will always need to remain flush. Based on the angle set, most average heights should be able to be scanned. We offer multiple mounting options providing flexibility for a variety of locations as well as height options: Wall mount, countertop stand, adult and child pedestal floor stand. For ADA compliance we would suggest a lower stand option or tilting the device to the middle section.

  19. What are the floor stand height options?

    Review our brochure for the latest details on our stand dimensions and options.

  20. Can the system detect animals or take the temperature of objects?

    No, the advanced AI facial detection only detects human faces.

  21. How noisy is the system when it's on?

    Unlike many other systems, RapidScreen does not require any onboard fans and therefore runs silently. Other devices on the market have a subtle fan noise, very similar to a gaming desktop/laptop.

  22. Will the unit overheat?

    The unit has been designed with heat dissipation to combat overheating due to long term use. Similar to most electronics, we do not suggest placing the system in either direct sunlight or extremely hot locations in order to avoid any direct sunlight hitting the sensor.

  23. Does it notify anyone if the temperature is too high?

    If the device detects an individual has a temperature over the set threshold, an alert notification will sound until it no longer detects that temperature. Our latest models allow you to configure the system to automatically send an email or text notification (by using an account on rapidscreen.us) to a pre-set list, indicating someone with a temperature beyond the configured value has been screened.

  24. What happens when COVID is eradicated or there is a vaccine, will this device become obsolete?

    Many companies are planning to use RapidScreen for detecting fevers during flu seasons. The spread of viruses throughout the workforce can have a major impact on labor forces, production times, as well as the safety of staff and customers. This device will help you save time, money and possible delays that may be caused from a virus outbreak within your office. Additionally vaccination passport verification is a feature that will be built into our system (by end of 2021)

  25. Do your stands come with LED lights?

    No, we found that people overwhelmingly preferred LED lights on the device itself and that they found LED lights on the stand to be confusing.

  26. How stable are the stands?

    Our stands come with a large square platform at the base for stability, they are heavy duty weighing in at 40 pounds, and they even have pre-drilled floor mounting holes in the base plate in case you want to completely secure it.

  27. How do I secure against theft of the kiosk?

    You can use screws/bolts to mount the stand to the floor so that it cannot be moved. You can also swap out the screws that hold the kiosk to the top of the stand with security focused hex bolts.

  28. Will RapidScreen work outdoors?

    Yes it is possible, but as with any electronic device outdoor performance will be unstable compared to indoor use. We always suggest using the device indoors in a controlled environment. With outdoor use there are so many variables that can affect performance such as glare or heat from sunlight, changes in ambient temperature, excessive hot/cold temperatures, and wind. There are some steps you can take to combat these factors if you must use the device outdoors. Ensure no direct sunlight is shining on the device or the face of the person being screened. When setting up outdoors use a well shaded area for best performance. Additionally there is an outdoor mode feature setting on the device as well, but it’s still not suggested to use the device outdoors for best results. Important to note - it is recommended the device is not left outside for an extended period of time as the device is not designed for all outdoor environmental conditions.

  29. Does the device allow for a questionnaire or survey to be conducted?

    Yes - by using an account on rapidscreen.us you can create your own custom questions and have them delivered to any register user that scans in by SMS or email, or even have the questionnaire appear on screen and be answerable through the device (though this option also includes a QR code on screen to scan in case someone wants to answer it in a contactless way).

  1. What are the power requirements of the device?

    RapidScreen uses less than 18W of power.

  2. Could Power over Ethernet work on this device.

    We have not done direct testing however based on the device power consumption of 18W, PoE+ should be enough to power the system.

  3. Does this have any onboard battery pack to allow it to stay on during a power outage?

    This device does not have any battery included and therefore will go down if the power goes out. However if it's critical to stay up during a loss of power, you can get a UPS battery backup system (typically less than $100) to keep the system running for a few hours during such an event. The device runs on less than 18W of power and uses a standard wall AC adapter.

  4. Does RapidScreen have an internal battery so that it can run completely untethered from the wall?

    This device does not have any battery included and will require constant power to stay on. However you can purchase an external battery pack that can allow the device to stay on without being plugged into an outlet. Please note the external battery back will need to be able to handle 18W of power and support a standard two prong plug.

  5. Are the power components safe?

    Yes, all of the power components are UL certified with industry standards.

  1. What operating system (OS) does it run on?

    RapidScreen models will support Android version 7.1.2.

  2. What’s the benefit of an Android system compared to a Linux OS?

    There are a number of benefits, one of which is the intuitive nature of the backend platform. Since RapidScreen is Android based, you can quickly access the backend settings within seconds directly on the device, with touchscreen or a USB mouse (not included). With most Linux based thermometer devices, even the simple act of changing the volume or updating the time/date will require you to SSH into the unit with a PC which can be a lengthy process if you are not familiar with Linux based systems

  3. Can the software automatically send out an alert via text or email on high temperature readings?

    Yes, notification settings will also allow you to configure the system to automatically send an email or text notification to a pre-set list, indicating someone with a temperature beyond the configured value has been screened. This functionality requires an account on rapidscreen.us which acts as the management app for the devices.

  4. Is there an option to store the data of people checked?

    Yes - if you connect your device to an account at rapidscreen.us which is our webapp that is a companion to the devices. From there you can review scan results and create exports of the data in XLSX format.

  5. What are the requirements for sending out alerts or storage of data of people checked?

    You will need to contact us to have an account created on rapidscreen.us which you can then link the device to and use the website to manage things like alerts, data exports and view scan results.

  6. Is the software/app or data cloud based? Is it locally stored or saved?

    The device runs an app that is Android based and can be used as a standalone temperature scanner - optionally you can get an account on rapidscreen.us and link your device to it for more advanced options such as alerts, facial recognition registration and exporting scan results data

  7. When cloud storage becomes available, how will it be priced?

    There are 3 tiers of accounts on our cloud site at rapidscreen.us which includes: Free (basic email alerts), Lite (view/export scan results, register users for facial recognition), and Premium (includes questionnaire support and upcoming immunization management). Each tier includes the feature of the tier below it. Lite accounts cost $295 per device annually. Premium accounts cost $395 per device annually.

  8. Does RapidScreen require internet access?

    The device includes options for Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth, however, this unit can work as a standalone for temperature screening and mask detection without any connection requirement. It will only require a certain connection depending on the features you would want to use such as email notifications through an account on rapidscreen.us

  9. Does the device support touch screen functionality?

    Yes - however you can also use a USB mouse (not included).

  10. Does RapidScreen have the capability to ask questions or take surveys?

    Yes - but this feature requires connecting the device to your Premium account on rapidscreen.us

  11. How does the facial recognition setup work?

    You would simply register your users after logging into your account on rapidscreen.us (this requires a Lite or Premium level account). Then you will have multiple tools to register people with name & photo either one at time, or in bulk.

  12. Will face recognition work if the person is wearing a mask?

    Yes, whether they are wearing a mask or not, the systems AI face recognition software can determine the specific individual.

  13. Will spinTouch or any third party have access to my data that the device manages?

    If you use the device as a standalone scanner then no one will have access to any data If you connect the device to an account on rapidscreen.us then spinTouch will have access to the scan result data and personnel registration information. Please view our privacy policy for more information

  14. Is the device stand-alone or does it need to connect to Wi-Fi or a network? What are the advantages of connecting to a network, internet or cloud-based services?

    Yes, RapidScreen can be ready for use just by plugging into a power source. Connection to the internet is required for remote monitoring and data collection through a rapidscreen.us account. In addition, you can integrate the kiosk with other devices such as doors, gates, security systems, and printers.

  15. Does RapidScreen identify the person or other data?

    If used as a standalone temperature scanner then no identification or other data is ever generated - if you connect to a rapidscreen.us account then the device will send scan results information including photo, timestamp and pass/fail on measurement

  16. Is there any kind of API or SDK available?

    Yes we have an API to can be used to integrate with other software packages - please contact support for more information

  17. Can RapidScreen be integrated with an existing timeclocking, payroll or time tracking platform?

    Yes, however this will require that platform to allow for third party devices to be integrated (by having their own API for example) and will require you using our API to create your own integration

  18. With the text/email alert, will the message contain the picture and/or name of the person? What other information will be on the message?

    Yes if you toggle on that option, the message will have both the name and picture of the person that triggered the alert. Other information can include whether or not they are wearing a mask or if they are a stranger that is not recognized (if you have that option turned on). You have full control over the information in the alerts when you create the alert on your rapidscreen.us account

  19. Can we download and install Android supported applications on the device?

    No, the device’s OS is tailored to serve with only the included applications and thermometer app. This ensures a more stable unit as well as avoids any security vulnerabilities. In the future we may have support for third party applications.

  20. Can RapidScreen be integrated with door access or other devices?

    Yes, there is three ways for this:

    • - A relay cable that can be directly connected and triggers a signal to enable the door to open or unlock.

    • - Integrating using the rapidscreen.us API and by that connecting to other IoT devices

  21. Is there more information available regarding Adding a printer?

    Our devices work with CloudPRNT, a service for a selection of printers from Star Micronics. For more information see this Link.

  22. What is required by IT to deploy?

    The current product is designed to be deployed as a stand-alone, therefore at a minimum only power will be required. In the case you need the device to be connected to a door or network please refer to your IT or Security team to make sure the device can properly access the internet and to see how the device can be deployed with the current software that operates your door access.

  23. With the standalone setup (not networked), does it sound an alarm or require a person to be close to the device to approve the person to go to the next stage?

    As long as the device detects a temperature over the preset range, the alert notification will sound until it no longer detects that temperature. There is also a visual alert on the display that lights up Green or Red based on the pass/fail result. This device unless it’s properly integrated with the current security system of the facility it will not stop people from going in regardless of the temperature reading, it will only alert you of the temperature it has registered. With that being said there are methods of configuring the device controlled doors in order to provide that feature (such as the Relay cable).

  24. Relating to network connectivity, assuming a receptionist is on another computer that would access the reading, would this app run locally or is it cloud-based?

    Anyone you give the login credentials to can log in to your rapidscreen.us account and view the scan results on Reporting.

  25. With the online dashboard portal, will the information sync automatically across multiple RapidScreen devices in a customer owned environment?

    Yes, multiple devices can be controlled within one rapidscreen.us dashboard portal.

  26. From a security perspective, how frequent are the security patches updated?

    The app on the device and the rapidscreen.us webapp are both updated regularly.

  27. Does RapidScreen include an RFID or NFC card reader?

    MThis is an option, please contact our sales team for further details.

  28. Will RapidScreen work with a turnstile system?

    Yes, provided that the turnstile accepts a relay cable or can be integrated with our API.

  29. For an additional cost, is there a way to customize or modify the frontend user experience or add additional custom features to the system for our specific needs?

    We will be willing to look at accommodating custom features and user interface changes for clients with a large quantity purchase. We will also have an API kit available for clients that are looking to integrate the device with other systems. Keep in mind that we are always adding new updates to the system which will be available as an upgrade APK for clients.

  30. What is the function of each relay mode?

    0: indicates that the mode is not automatically closed, i.e. the relay is not automatically closed when the relay is opened 1: indicates auto-closed mode (high valid - default low, then high X seconds, , last low) i.e. x seconds of delay X automatically closes after the relay is opened 2: indicates auto-closed mode (low effective - default low, then high X seconds, , last low) i.e. x seconds of delay X automatically closes after the relay is opened

  31. Relay Output: Is the relay Form-C?

    Relay is a dry contact and supports up to 120vac/vdc 1a.

  1. Does RapidScreen meet FDA guidelines?

    RapidScreen is fully compliant as an approved device, within the FDA Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems Docket Number: FDA-2020-D-1138 RapidScreen is not a medical device, however FDA's most recent guidance authorizes thermographic systems "for initial body temperature assessment for triage" regarding COVID-19. RapidScreen also has either equivalent or better performance specifications when compared to IEC80601-2-59:2017 certified medical devices.

  2. What are the Certifications of this device?

    RapidScreen Thermometer's applicable parts are CE, FCC and UL certified. The production of the device is NDAA Compliant. If you are a government agency or government contractor, this is a particularly sensitive concern.

  3. Is RapidScreen HIPAA compliant?

    It's the responsibility of the individual or organization purchasing this device to ensure compliance with governing laws and regulations. These include GDPR and HIPAA but will also involve various state and local data privacy regimes that govern the collection, storage, and security of personally identifiable and health information. It is also incumbent upon the purchasing individual or organization to obtain informed consent from individuals before use, provide disclosures about the nature of the information to be collected, how it is to be stored, and for what purposes.
    Employers should note that the EEOC issued guidance permitting employers to measure the body temperatures of employees during the COVID-19 crisis. However, it is important to be aware that there may be privacy concerns related to collecting a person’s body temperature, whether that person is an employee or not. The EEOC has noted that “the fact that an employee had a fever or other symptoms would be subject to ADA confidentiality requirements.” See answer to the next question below.

  4. Can RapidScreen diagnose if someone is infectious or has any particular virus/disease including COVID-19/Coronavirus?

    RapidScreen is not a medical device and should not be used for purposes of diagnosis or treatment of any disease, viral infection, or general medical condition. The only function of this device is to determine an individual's body temperature, indicating a likelihood of a fever, to a certain degree of accuracy. To that point, in no way should this device be considered 100% accurate in determining an individual’s actual body temperature as there are a multitude of variables that can offset the reading. These variables include, but are not limited to:environmental factors, ambient lighting, medications, alcohol consumption, hardware malfunctions and/or exercise.
    Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods that are approved for use in medical settings and approved by all relevant authorities (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer). Combining their experience, education, and factoring in the use environment for RapidScreen, appropriate medical experts should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement. Visible thermal patterns are only intended for locating the points from which to extract the thermal measurement.
    RapidScreen meets the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for use for non-medical purposes, which can be found on the FDA’s website.

  5. Will RapidScreen collect or store our personal data?

    Privacy is very important to us. RapidScreen is designed to only collect and store the data if enabled by the user by connecting to a rapidscreen.us account. RapidScreen ships out with all identifiable data features disabled.

  6. Can RapidScreen record video feed?

    Due to privacy reasons, RapidScreen does not have an option to record the video feed. There can be additional software options that could allow for this based on the clients needs.

  1. What is the warranty?

    Our warranty includes 1 year from the date of purchase. Extended warranty options are available, Please contact your sales representative for more information.

  2. Does spinTouch offer onsite technical assistance or support?

    Typically most issues can be handled over the phone or by email. If it’s determined there is a hardware issue, we will authorize a warranty replacement, provided the device is still within the warranty window.

  3. Is there any additional service for onsite installation or training?

    We do have options to purchase onsite installation and training. Please contact your sales representative for additional information.

  1. Where are the counter/desktop and pedestal stands manufactured?

    All of our stands are manufactured in Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas.

  2. Where are you shipping from?

    We have warehouses located in Austin, Texas and in Irvine, California

  3. Who is spinTouch and where are they based?

    spinTouch is headquartered in Irvine, California and has been in business since 2009, working with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, as well as select universities and governmental agencies. Our core competence is interactive digital solutions and experiential technologies offering both hardware and software solutions.

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