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Social Edge – Interactive social media application

Social media impressions are a modern day currency that your brand can certainly benefit from. With socialEdge you have a great opportunity to interact with audiences through real time Instagram and Twitter #hashtag campaigns. Onlookers of socialEdge will not be able to resist the opportunity to share content and engage with your brand.

Introducing the most dynamic and easy to use social media wall application for brands looking to engage audiences anywhere.

Multiple unique layers with engaging transitions to encourage participation

Whether you are showcasing an Instagram or twitter feed, socialEdge will showcase your audience’s content in real time and on a larger than life scale. Bring together unforgettable event experiences with an unlimited feed of HD videos and pictures.

Features that will elevate your event

  • Showcase unlimited twitter & instagram posts
  • Customize with your own brand logos and colors
  • Real time stream of social posts
  • Modern design, custom look and feel
  • Compatible with displays from 22” up to 300”
  • Intuitive CMS, easy to create your campaign
  • Per event and lifetime licenses available

#YourEvent and connect with your audience

“I didn’t expect for our corporate audience to be so interested in sharing their tradeshow experience via social media, but then again it’s hard to resist posting when you walk past socialEdge. Great turn out at our road show, impressions grew tenfold.”

Steven S., Cisco, socialEdge

How it works

1. Share your #YourEvent Hashtag with your audience
• Create pre-event buzz, give users a compelling reason to engage

2. Build your custom social hub
• Upload your hashtag, logos, brand colors, and even sponsor ads

3. Launch your campaign
• You have the choice of using standard HD display or interactive video walls

4. Watch impressions grow
• Enjoy all of the engaging content your audience will share during your event

Campaign creation made easy

Our highly intuitive content management system will make you look like an expert after you launch you very first campaign. No coding or design required, simply input your social tags, upload your logos, set your transition timers, and launch your social hub.

Social Edge highlights

Real Time Posts

Users will love seeing their posts show up in a matter of seconds

Easy to Customize

Simply upload your content and publish

Plug and Play

Leverage our timeless wireframe design to get up and running in minutes

Highly Scalable

No screen is too big or too small to display your socialEdge experience

Perfect for any event or environment

socialEdge is the go to choice for those looking to create a memorable event experience and a lasting connection between brand and audience.

Draw guests into your booth or venue and capture impressions.F

Students love sharing their on campus experience – sports, groups, events, and much more.

Show potential customers how others are enjoying your products.

Clients can learn a lot about you from your social presence.

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