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myShowcase touch presentation software

Sometimes all you have is a split second to captivate your audience. With myShowcase you are putting your content center stage amongst customers, potential clients, and brand advocates. Users will enjoy discovering your message in a larger than life touch screen software experience.


    You will receive an email with a download link for the myShowcase demo software

    Turn your old content, brochures, websites, and images into memorable interactive presentations

    Intuitive screen flows to allow your guests to interact and engage with your content

    myShowcase supports multiple layers of interactive touch based content, allowing you to promote your message through a rich discovery process.

    Come see why so many people are using myShowcase and download the free demo today.

    Interactive multitouch presentations made easy for your showcase

    myShowcase knows no limits

    Create larger than life interactive experiences that extend well beyond standard touch monitor sizes. Consider leveraging interactive video wall solutions or multi touch tables that demand attention and illicit collaboration.

    Powerful features you will love

    • Create multi-touch presentations in just minutes.
    • Upload 100’s of your HD Pics, Videos, and Text.
    • Advanced UI/UX, custom look and feel.
    • No Coding Required! Create a project in no time
    • Compatible with any Windows based touch device. Win 8/10
    • Ideal for large format touch displays, interactive kiosk, touch tables, and tablets.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Surface for mobile presentations
    • Rental solutions for both Mozayo Coffee Table and Presenter Table.

    Upload Your Content -> Publish -> Interact!

    “The previous year’s approach of using a standard website and brochure collateral at our road show simply wasn’t going to cut it. myShowcase gave our marketing an interactive canvas to showcase our products and solutions. Leads and opportunities have grown significantly thanks to myShowcase.”

    Steven Sorderberg – Happy Tradeshow Client

    Built in Content Management System –CMS

    Behind a beautifully designed front end system lies myShowcase’s highly intuitive content management platform. Here we have made it pleasantly simple to create, update, and manage your interactive presentations.

    Once you have your library of media organized, quickly upload your assets and build custom looking touch experiences in minutes. Leverage various pre-defined settings and templates to give your presentation a truly unique look and feel.

    Built in share feature and business analytics

    With myShowcase’s media share feature, you can extend your interactive presentation well beyond touch screen. Users can send media to their own email for future reference and consumption of valuable information. Capture valuable information and generate leads.

    myShowcase highlights

    No Need To Code

    You can create a fully interactive presentation without having to deal with complex software or even thinking about coding.

    No Need To Design

    We carefully designed a timeless wireframe with a pre-built vertical category–just get creative right away.

    Inline Editting

    Editing or changing anything on your presentation happens directly on each section, and is as easy as typing an email.

    24/7 Support

    Get help and support from myShowcase experts 24/7. We are here to make sure that your next event is a success.

    Interactive Presentations For Any Environment

    myShowcase is highly adaptable and ideal for a wide range of use cases.

    Showcase your latest products, solutions, and capture leads.

    Create fully interactive donor wall presentations and engage your campus.

    Give your exhibits a face lift with a fully interactive make over of rich media.

    Engage your clients through a discovery driven interactive digital experience.

    Turnkey bundle solution

    Get a turnkey solution with a 32”, 46”, 55”, or 70” touch monitor PC bundle with the software.


      You will receive an email with a download link for the myShowcase demo software

      Need to customize your myShowcase presentation?

      Get in touch with our team and let us give you an idea of how you can take myShowcase to the next level.

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