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Trade Shows, Roadshows, Conventions

Leverage interactive technology to connect with your target audience, while standing out from the competition

B2B exhibitions were over 40% of B2B marketing budgets last year, the largest compared to any other marketing channel. The proven efficacy of trade shows and exhibits has caused the industry to grow rapidly. Exhibit and trade show vendors face stiff competition and need to rely on the most cutting edge technology to stay relevant and succeed against competition.

spinTouch is at the forefront of interactive application development, creating highly engaging in-booth digital experiences that help brands and businesses stand out amongst a sea of competitors. User driven learning and interactive discovery is a remarkably powerful way to communicate your business’s unique value proposition, and spinTouch is here to help pave the way.

Interactive Solutions that Elevate Your Trade Show Booth


Attract crowds, Engage prospects, showcase products, generate social buzz

Turn your next trade show into an attention worthy, interactive inspired showcase that your prospects and clients will love. Venture beyond passive signage and consider leveraging touch presentation software to showcase your products or services in your trade show booth.

Interactive Touch Tables

Bring your booth to life with multi-touch tables

Just about every trade show booth has a registration desk or sitting area, so rather than having guests wait around a plain coffee table, try surprising your guests with a fully interactive touch table or bar top where you can incorporate an exciting multi-touch experience.


Put your booth guests in the driver’s seat

Draw prospects into your booth with a larger than life interactive experience by incorporating large format touch monitors and interactive video walls. Passerby’s will naturally gravitate towards inviting digital content and messaging they can touch and interact with in your booth.


Fully customized trade show experiences

spinTouch can transform your trade show booth into a fully immersive digital experience by taking a holistic approach to content, software, and hardware. We can help separate your brand from the pack with bleeding edge technology such as augmented reality, VR, object recognition, and much more.

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