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Redefining how businesses share their brand story and unique value proposition

Innovation centers are becoming more and more popular spaces for businesses to engage their beloved clients and employees in new and inspiring ways. Forward thinking companies are looking for new ways to deliver an unforgettable on-site showroom and presentation space for their innovative products and services.

At spinTouch we have helped some of the largest companies such as Catamaran RX (case study link) in pioneering award winning innovation centers that incorporate advanced interactive digital experiences that create lasting impressions for visitors and help drive key business initiatives. With our ability to develop bespoke digital experiences that simplify your unique value proposition, we can turn your office or showroom into a hotspot for client engagement.

Interactive Technology Solutions for Innovation Center


Engage clients and engage prospects

Turn your office or showroom floor into a rich storytelling space through user friendly and easy to implement interactive presentations. Ditch the print brochures or powerpoints and utilize multi-touch presentation software with immersive marketing content that your customers will love interacting with.


Elevate the touch display experience

Consider taking traditional touch screen or kiosk experiences to the next level by leveraging multi-touch tables at your innovation center. Touch tables are a new and exciting way of showcasing interactive content with infinite possibilities.


Create a hands on learning experience

Give your prospects a larger than life interactive experience beyond any of your competitors with large format touch monitors and interactive video walls. Through a user-driven touch screen experience, visitors and prospects can learn about your business through self-guided learning.


Bespoke Innovation Center Solutions

spinTouch can transform your innovation center into a fully immersive digital experience by taking a holistic approach to content, software, and hardware. We can help separate your brand from the pack with bleeding edge technology such as augmented reality, VR, object recognition, and much more.

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