6 Big Business Benefits of a Temperature Kiosk

6 Big Business Benefits of a Temperature Kiosk

Almost as quickly as cities and states started easing their restrictions on businesses and public gatherings, many are now backtracking these efforts and imposing more limitations. In the struggle to balance both worlds of “safe” and “open for business,” many companies are getting creative when it comes to keeping their customers and employees safe. One of these outside-the-box ideas is installing a temperature kiosk as an extra layer of protection. 

These stand-alone fever detection systems are cropping up as a first defense to scan for temperatures before customers can enter a facility. So far, they’ve been installed in a variety of settings, from restaurants and offices and even the U.S. Army.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest benefits a temperature screening kiosk delivers to your business. 

1. Built for Scalability

Right now, many businesses (like those in Wisconsin and Denver) are only allowed to operate at 25% capacity. This, however, will hopefully change in the coming weeks and months, which means that more people will be occupying the same size of your space. Temperature kiosks are ideal for helping businesses prepare for fluctuating crowd sizes. It’s simply a matter of adding one or more terminals to your space as your traffic increases.  

Because they’re compact, you don’t need to dedicate much space to them and can continue with business as usual. As your local area’s requirements shift up or down in terms of maximum capacity, you can simply add or remove temperature testing stations as needed.

2. Protects User Health Privacy

Before COVID, conducting employee temperature checks in the workplace was considered as a form of medical exam. Now, some of these workplace guidelines have been relaxed in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. However, there still remains the concern of user privacy, both for the employee and customers entering your facility.

When any type of health information is shared, whether it’s the results of a COVID test or simply a person’s temperature, privacy concerns arise. The results of each scan should be confidential, especially as those who scan positive may be subjected to public embarrassment.

With a temperature kiosk, though, results can be delivered remotely to eliminate the fear of social stigma. This helps to protect employee and guest privacy, and organizations can establish an alert process to address any positive readings in a timely manner.

3. Reduces Human Contact

Currently, many businesses who are already doing temperature scans at the door are using manual methods that involve employees to take a reading in real time. Though masks and other PPE can help to protect the employee, there isn’t a way to reduce your risk to zero. What’s more, doing manual temperature checks make it impossible to maintain the recommended six-foot social distance recommendations.

Temperature kiosks are designed to eliminate these inefficiencies, when used correctly. Remote monitoring means employees do not have to observe every temperature reading and results, which creates a hands-off approach and offers more protection to your employees.

A temperature testing station should be self-service and hands-free, both of which are offered with the spinTouch RapidScreen kiosk.

4. Lowers Operating Expenses

Many companies who rely on employees to conduct screenings at the door may not have thought about the cost of doing this. When a person is in charge of this task, it either takes away an employee from their normal duties or it means adding more labor hours to your payroll. Or, if you have chosen to outsource temperature screening, you’re taking on additional expenses and risks to your business.

This also doesn’t take into account the added expenses of purchasing thermal scanners, masks, gloves, and other PPE for employees, and training time on the various procedures and precautions required for proper scanning.

Replacing all of the above with a self-service temperature kiosk eliminates these expenses and provides a more efficient, cost-friendly alternative. There’s very little training involved (usually required for management and the person conducting remote monitoring only), and it doesn’t require ongoing investments in PPE, batteries, and labor hours.

5. Offers Convenience for Heavy Traffic

For high traffic facilities, trying to scan each visitor’s temperature with a contactless thermometer at the door can create bottlenecks at the entry and long lines into the streets. It’s simply not a feasible option and could result in fewer visitors to your business.  

If you have a large location, share your location with other businesses (such as an office park), or even have multiple locations, a temperature kiosk offers convenience in spades. For starters, you won’t have the long wait times that can come with manual temperature scanning, nor will you have to worry about employees needing bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, or other needs to leave their post. 

Especially important for multi-location businesses, you can standardize the way you take temperatures upon entry instead of risking each location doing things differently. This reduces the potential for inaccuracies or for screenings to slip through the cracks.

What’s more, kiosk data allows you to view composite results and individual locations to flag areas that might be under a potential threat of an outbreak.

6. Provides Long-Term Advantages

Temperature kiosks like the spinTouch RapidScreen offer additional features and advantages that go beyond temperature screening. Though there’s no end in sight, the pandemic won’t last forever, which means you’ll need to find new ways to use your kiosk investment. 

For starters, some kiosks offer facial recognition technology, which may be an effective tool for access control. This is an important feature right now to help identify users in high traffic areas that might not have passed the temperature screening. You can also use it to restrict access to certain areas for individuals who may have a fever. 

How to Choose a Temperature Scanner for Your Business

As you’re exploring your options for a remote temperature scanner, it’s important to consider the short-term needs and long-term benefits. Explore spinTouch RapidScreen’s solution and how we’re helping businesses provide an extra layer of protection to their employees, their customers, and their bottom line. 

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