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65” Glass multi touch table with object recognition capabilities
Dreamtouch™ (backlink) Interactive Software (3D)

About The Client


TP-Link is a global provider of the most reliable networking devices and accessories, and is universally recognized as the number one provider of consumer Wi-Fi networking technology. TP-Link offers dozens of networking equipment raising from routers, to modems, and smart home devices, but at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) they introduced Deco, the first true whole-home Wi-Fi System.

Marketing Challenge

The Ask

It’s not always easy articulating the ins and outs of robust technologies to consumers, especially at CES where attention spans are limited to the next gadget or gizmo to catch their eye. That is why TP Link knew they had to showcase their Deco Wi-Fi solution in a visually inspiring and educational fashion. With over 100,000 consumers walking the show and thousands of exhibitors, TP Link needed a compelling way to draw consumers over to their booth. Hand out brochures or passive presentations were not going to cut it. They knew they would need to be just as innovative showcasing their products as they were developing them to ensure maximum brand impact.

Client Testimonial

SpinTouch has helped us relay the whole home Wi-Fi category in a very simple way for the average consumer to understand

Martin Proepper – SR. Manager, Product Marketing @ TP-Link


The Strategy & Experiences

TP-Link reached out to spinTouch to help create a one of a kind consumer experience where attendees could quickly and easily become educated on the differences of traditional routers with extenders vs the Deco router. SpinTouch designed and developed an interactive touch table application that incorporated the “paint your home in Wi-Fi” theme that the Deco marketing team artistically crafted.

Upon approaching the interactive touch tables, guests could select a home layout and then take the physical Deco router and place it on the table in various virtual rooms. This amazing interactive experiencingcombination analog, digital, and interactive allowed guests to visually experience the WiFi signal expand coverage across the home.This proved effective and truly unique far beyond what a tradition touch-only experience could deliver.

Technology Solutions:

  • 65” Glass multi touch table with object recognition capabilities
  • Dreamtouch™ (backlink) Interactive Software (3D)

Innovation Now

The Results

Just as TP-Link had hoped, the “paint your home on Wi-Fi” interactive experience brought in thousands of visitors throughout the course of the show. Consumers were so intrigued by the digital experience that they brought over their peers and passerby’s to the booth, urging them to give the Deco touch table experience a try. As the TP-Link team put it, this type of excitement and engagement was unlike anything they had seen before at past events. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, TP-Link was truly able to accomplish a win-win. Not only were they able to easily communicate the value of the innovative products, but they were also able to create an unforgettable hands-on experience for consumers, “boosting” their brand coverage.

After receiving an overwhelming response, TP-Link also utilized the same approach on live television, showcasing a visual explanation of their technology for HSN. It was one of the most successful shows due to the empowering video that really showcased the technology in an informative and functional manner.

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