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Inspire Medical Systems

As the masterminds behind the world’s first FDA approved neurostimulation device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Inspire Medical Systems is no stranger to innovation. With their breakthrough technology, Inspire is an industry leader in the advancement of OSA treatments. 

Marketing Challenge

The Ask

Every year, surgeons, physicians, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals attend the Scientific Meeting hosted by the American Academy of Otolaryngology to learn about the cutting edge medical technologies available for their patients. The audience is engaged, bright, and wants the best and latest technologies. This event was a critically important opportunity for Inspire Medical Systems to demonstrate their product capabilities, increase recognition, and build relationships with their audience.

However, in a room full of presenters competing for the limited time of the healthcare professionals, Inspire was faced with a tall order. How do they catch people’s attention, genuinely engage with their audience, create confidence in the capabilities of their technology, and cater every presentation to each visitor’s needs in a span of about five minutes?

Client Testimonial

“We’ve got a 40 slide deck and some physicians may need to start from the beginning, others might want to start with the device, and others might want to learn about patient outcomes. So a linear progression of slides, like a powerpoint, gets to be a clunky and uncomfortable way of presenting. Our audience expect the technology to work in the operating room and also here at the medical conference.

myShowcase is the perfect solution for any company with a need to demonstrate their innovation and capabilities.”

Howard Green – Vice President of Marketing, Inspire Medical Systems, USA


The Strategy & Experiences

Inspire Medical Systems reached out to spinTouch to create a memorable interaction for their audience that doesn’t just tell them about the innovative solutions but showed the innovation before their eyes. myShowcase perfectly captured the cutting-edge spirit of Inspire Medical Systems and offered their team the ability to create eye-catching and dynamic presentations that immediately set Inspire apart from the crowd.

When visitors arrive at the bright display, they were to be led through an interactive presentation experience that engaged their minds and senses as well as answered their exact questions without abrupt interruptions in the experience. Casting aside the need for design and technical expertise, myShowcase gave the Inspire team creative freedom to design and fine-tuning their presentations easily and quickly to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. 


The Results

By implementing the myShowcase system, Inspire Medical Systems was able to deliver interactive presentations with finesse and precision. By dynamically adjusting the presentations to each visitor’s needs and interests, the team gained the trust of the conference attendees and created relevancy around their solution.

With a tailored deck for every visitor, the Inspire team not only articulate their capabilities but also accomplish the difficult task of inspiring confidence that their technology will work in the medical room as easily and as well as it did on the conference floor. This proved effective in differentiating Inspire Medical Systems at the AAO conference and building on-going relationships with the attendees. 

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