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About The Client

Eden Ultra Lounge

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Eden is among the top nightlife destinations in the nation’s capital. A 3-story venue, with a distinct layout, it hosts up to 700 partygoers on any given night.

Marketing Challenge

The Ask

The new ownership looked to create a unique hedonistic garden inspired ultra lounge, utilizing the latest interactive, projection, and LED technology.

The ownership and its management expressed the need to outfit each of the levels with interactive technology, while using the overall motif as the backdrop. It was paramount to have continuity throughout the venue, leveraging a blended mix of “wow” factor elements and revenue-generating digital technology solutions.

spinTouch’s team of designers and technologists spent a few days on-site to evaluate the space and offer ideas around technology and strategic lighting.

Eden Night Club

Eden leveraged a variety of the rich multi-touch animations within the dreamTouch suite which kept patrons engaged while furthering both their central theme and brand. Place a drink or rest your arm on this ultra HD digital bar top and watch content come to life.

Innovating Solutions

The Strategy & Experiences

The team met with the management to review historical revenue and profit margins for each specific area –– VIP sections, including the “Green Room,” “Garden of Eden,” “Forbidden Room,” and the rooftop.

Working with the interior designers and fabricators, spinTouch began working on the most prominent digital technology solution that would prove to have the most impact on the venue’s bottom line for many years to come:

A custom designed, permanent installation of the iBar.

A play on the “Eden” theme that would surely become the ultimate eye-candy for guests developed into:

A 25’ interactive wall with digital foliage reacts to guests as they pass by and head over to the bar and dance floor. What makes this even more surreal is the juxtaposition of real grass being layered in with digital grass creating an exciting augmented effect.

Innovation Now

The Results

Upon its launch, Eden quickly distinguished itself with unmatched design and use of digital technology, becoming one of the first nightlife venues in the country to integrate interactive, immersive technology.

Guests, top DJs and entertainers, as well as industry experts have raved about the venue, gaining national attention.

Additionally, the iBar powered by spinTouch’s dreamTouch interactive software offer a revenue-generating component for the venue. Spirit, energy drink, and fashion brands sponsor events at the venue through a “pay to play” model, which allows brands to launch engaging, branded animation and graphics on the iBar.

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