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Acer Group


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6 iBars w/ dreamTouch
78″ “Minority Report” display
Gesture-recognition software

About The Client

“interact”: An Immersive Global Press Conference

The Acer Group is a family of three brands – Acer, Gateway, and Packard Bell. Ranked second for total PCs sold worldwide, the company has a global workforce of 7,400 employees, with revenues of $15 billion.

Acer’s PC-centric product offering includes notebook and desktop PCs, servers and storage, LCD monitors, projectors, and smartphone and tablets.


The Ask

The Acer Group’s main objective was to position its brand among the leaders in the growing market of tablet computers and smartphones in the U.S.

The Taiwanese company expected to generate massive buzz around its new product lines through an experiential event, set to host a select group of 250 top journalists and writers in the technology sector. Under the leadership of Italian CEO, Gianfranco Lanci, the brand aimed to present itself through a most remarkable press event.

spinTouch was selected by the Acer Group’s marketing and communications agency, consulting with the event’s production team to conceptualize a Milan-style, fashion show-inspired look and feel. The environment would highlight wall-to-wall interactive and immersive technology.

The spacious Skylight SoHo venue in NYC served as a blank canvas, inspiring the designers and technologists at spinTouch to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

How We Stand Out

In addition to the best in touch solutions, we specialize in fully tailored custom solutions including Oculus Rift, HoloLens, Kinnect 2.0, and Augmented Reality. Bring your event to life and separate your company & brand. Using an aray of our custom interactive solutions with our trusted partner network of pro av, exhibit/tradeshow and creative partners, we have brought brand and product promotion to the next level.

Innovating Solutions

The Strategy & Experiences

The collaboration resulted in a complete makeover of the space – an impressive, interactive environment.

Skylight SoHo’s long corridors and lounges showcased engaging interactive technology by spinTouch:

Six iBars powered by dreamTouch, featuring branded graphics and animation.

A custom designed 78” “Minority Report” multi-touch display, featuring an interactive 3-D World map. A Hollywood Sci-Fi-inspired solution, highlighting the event’s signature interact motif.

spinFloor: a projection-based solution featuring a virtual, interactive soccer game, enticing event attendees on to the pitch, daring them to take their best shot.

Gesture-recognition software was deployed along the corridor walls, featuring an “under the sea” backdrop. Attendees walking along the corridors were suddenly surprised to find colorful sea creatures greeting and following them along their path through the halls.

Four 55” multi-touch displays featuring interactive, branded animation to encourage and boost audience engagement.

Innovation Now

The Results

The Acer Group’s interact proved to be a newsworthy event on an international level, far beyond the buzz created around the brand’s release of its tablets and smartphones.
Acer leveraged spinTouch’s interactive technology solutions to wow its audience at every turn. Journalists and company executives alike found themselves in awe as they navigated through Skylight SoHo, a technological wonderland.
Media coverage by major tech and global media outlets soon led to multiple event reports, appearing in event production, design, and entertainment related publications. The brand was praised for its avant-garde approach to a well-designed and executed experiential affair.

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